Keep Your Business Safe with Commercial Insurance

You work hard to make your business successful. Every day you make sure your bills are paid to keep the lights and water running. You ensure your mortgage or rent is paid, so you have a place to do business. And, you keep your employees happy, so you have staff to keep things running smoothly. But, you also have to keep your business safe from things that are beyond your control. That’s why you need commercial insurance.

Protect Your Business From Liability

Liability insurance is one of the most important types of commercial insurance a business could have. This type of insurance protects your business from claims of bodily injury and property damage. If someone gets hurt or property gets damaged at your business or while you’re conducting business operations, your business could be put in jeopardy. Liability insurance covers this type of situation.

Protect Your Property

Property insurance is another type of commercial insurance that is important to business owners. If you own your building, property insurance can protect your business from losses if it becomes damaged. Not only could property insurance help with repair costs, it could also cover losses if your business has to shut down for repairs.

Invest in Your Business

Commercial insurance is among the most important investments you can make in your business. You don’t want to be left unprepared when unforeseen situations occur. By protecting your business from liability and property damage, you’re making sure you and your employees have a business to come back to every day.

Stonewall Grace Insurance is here for your commercial insurance needs. If you own a business in Buena Vista, VA and you’re in search of commercial insurance, don’t hesitate to call or stop by our office.

Buena Vista, VA: How Much Life Insurance Does One Person Really Need?

The amount of life insurance you need will depend on several different factors. In most cases, the amount of life insurance you need should be able to pay your bills for at least a year or more. If you have a large family, you will need to purchase a policy that will provide enough money to pay the family’s bills. 

If you who have a mortgage, car payment and other types of loans, you may need to increase the amount of your life insurance policy to make sure you have enough to pay them off if you pass away before the loans are taken care off. Some loans will have a survivor clause built in that guarantees that the loan will be paid off if something happens to one of the borrowers. It is important to know whether or not your loans have these types of benefits so you can prepare accordingly.

If you are alone and have no dependents, the amount of life insurance you choose to buy should be sufficient to pay off any debts that you may have as well as cover your final expenses. Whatever is left over will be distributed throughout your estate according to your specifications. You can choose whatever amount you want if you plan on passing the additional benefits on to your heirs.

The agents of Stonewall Grace Insurance serve the residents of Buena Vista, Virginia. The agents are extremely knowledgeable about life insurance and how much a person needs depending on the size of their family and their financial obligations. If your circumstances have changed, you may need to have your need for life insurance re-evaluated so that you are sufficiently prepared.

Renter’s Insurance and You

Did you know that there is an affordable way to make sure that your belongings are covered and that you are protected from unexpected damages and/or injuries?  There is.  It is a little thing called renter’s insurance and it is incredibly affordable.

So what does it cover?  Well, different carriers will offer different types of coverage, but in general it would cover things like your belongings, your apartment and guests in case of mishaps or accidents and most of the time even the expenses for a hotel should your apartment become uninhabitable due to damages.  Again, these things will vary.

Yes, your landlord already has insurance but the thing is, his insurance will more than likely only cover the property itself and not what you have inside of the property.  However, renter’s insurance will cover most everything from your wardrobe and furniture to your electronics and even more.  Some carriers will even reimburse you for what they would cost to purchase now too, as opposed to what they cost when you paid for them.

If someone gets hurt in your apartment, they will be able to get the care they need.  If you cause any damage to the apartment, it can also be covered.  The damage might be able to be repaired by you paying your deductible and your renter’s insurance policy taking care of the rest. 

If you aren’t able to stay in your apartment while damage is being repaired, you may even be able to be reimbursed for the cost of the hotel.

If you are in the Buena Vista, VA area and have questions about renter’s insurance and what type of coverage is offered in your area, call or come by Stonewall Grace Insurance.  There are friendly and knowledgeable agents ready to answer all of your questions and get you covered.

Tax Facts on Life Insurance

Taxes, nor insurance, is universal across all fifty states. Laws vary on both which often confuses people. However, there are universal tax facts that apply to life insurance that the insured should both know. Stonewall Grace Insurance is up to par with both the state and federal laws. Educating clients before they purchase life insurance is essential. Most life insurance holders only know that their premiums are not tax deductible but the relationship between tax and insurance knowledge stops there.

Surrendering the Policy

By surrendering  a life insurance policy to the insurance company or for whatever reason the policy lapses, any profit obtained is taxable at regular income tax rates.  

Taxes on Loan Against Policy

The insured can borrow against  a life insurance policy.  In this loan against the policy, the money received is generally not taxable as long as it is within non-taxable limits.

When the Beneficiary is a Charity or Church

If a church or charity is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, they are generally still tax exempt from the proceeds. However, the charity or church must be recognized by the state as well as the federal government to be free of taxation.

Exception to Rule Number One

There is an exception to the insured’s premium being tax deductible. If the policy was gifted to a trust, charity, or church, the premiums paid by the insured are tax deductible being they will be receiving the proceeds upon the policy holder’s death.

These are only a few tax facts a life insurance policyholder should know and each one answered are only answered in a way that IRS jargon does not confuse. By contacting Stonewall Grace Insurance, not only will life be insured, tax crisis is avoided.



5 Steps to an Easier Moving Day

Most people dread moving day, and it’s never going to be any fun. However, with a few simple steps, you can make the dreaded day just a bit easier.

Step #1 – Have a Great Packing Kit

Start out by making sure you have a kit of everything you’ll need for packing. This kit should include different types of duct tape, permanent markers, pens, some scissors, a snack, a notebook, and some water. You’ll find all of these things handy before and on moving day.

Step #2 – Ask Around for Boxes

You’re already blowing a lot of money on your move, so don’t spend more money on moving boxes. Instead, talk to people you know to see if you can get some free boxes. Many hardware stores and grocery stores are happy to give away their empty boxes.

Step #3 – Keep Track of What You Pack

It’s easy to write a generic label on a box and then you have no idea where the bedding ends up when you’re ready to unpack. Make moving day easier by keeping track of what you pack in a notebook. Give every box a number and write down what’s in the box in your notebook. This way it’s easy to figure out where everything is.

Step #4 – Have a Special Box for the First Night

You probably don’t want to unpack everything to find what you need for that first night. Make it all simple by packing a special box for the first night. Make sure you have all the essentials on hand, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, change of clothes, towels and washcloths, and cups.

Step #5 – Use More Than Boxes

Don’t get stuck in the rut of just using boxes. Many items can be packed in garbage bags, such as bedding, pillows, pajamas, and other items that don’t need to be kept wrinkle-free or stored flat.

Once you move, it’s important to ensure your new home is insured. Find out about your home insurance options by contacting the Stonewall Grace Insurance group today.

Stay calm to avoid road rage

Road rage is becoming more of a problem as roads get more crowded and people feel stressed. People have even been killed in a fit of road rage, which is doing anything while driving to endanger another person. Sometimes there are fights – or even shootings – when people eventually stop their cars. Road rage happens when people feel their space has been invaded.

"With road rage, you’re basically driving under the influence of impaired emotions," says Leon James, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of Hawaii. He said controlling thoughts, feelings and actions are the key to avoiding letting emotions get out of control.

Here are some tips to avoid letting yourself get to the point of having a road rage event.

  • Slow down. Drive slower and in a more relaxed way. That will keep the stress level down .
  • Remember courtesy. Yes, you may be right, but ask yourself is it worth getting upset about.  It certainly isn’t worth getting into an altercation and going to jail over.
  • Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. They may have no idea what they have done.  Remember you may also have done something unintentional as well, that bothered other drivers.
  • Music soothes the savage breast. Listen to light music that is relaxing. Avoid loud, hard driving music with a lot of bass  that can actually make you more stressed.
  • Pay attention to yourself. If you are stressed already, it will be easier to get upset at another driver. Try relaxation techniques such as deep breaths and if you are driving, stretch and flex your hands to help them relax. A little intentional de-stressing and help.

While you are relaxed, visit Stonewall Grace Insurance for all your automotive insurance needs. Let our professionals find the policy that is right for you and your family.

A First-Time ATV Owner’s Guide to ATV Insurance

These days, more and more people are discovering the great outdoors with the help of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).  While these recreational vehicles can be an exciting way to explore those backcountry trails, they can be tricky for new riders.  Following these easy tips will help keep your ATV riding safe and enjoyable.

Keep Things Simple. 

If you’re a first-time rider, don’t buy the most souped-up ATV on the market, even if it is the flashiest.  A simpler machine will be easier to control and won’t overpower you.  In general, try to look for ATVs with an automatic transmission and a 200-400cc engine.

Safety First

There are few things less fun than an ATV ride that ends with a trip to the emergency room.  At minimum, always make sure you wear a proper motorcycle helmet, goggles, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, long pants, and long sleeves.  You might also invest in shin pads, a chest protector, and knee, elbow, and wrist guards for additional protection.


Many states require new ATV owners to complete a safety course if they’re under a certain age.  But you don’t have to be a kid to benefit from these classes.  As you get started riding an ATV, you’ll also want to stick to simple, flat terrain until you get the hang of riding.  As you gain experience, you can graduate to more challenging trails and routes.

Insurance and Paperwork

Many states require ATVs to be titled like cars; additionally, you often must have a permit and pay fees to ride on public trails.  Even if your state does not require ATV insurance, you may want to have it on hand for liability purposes, as homeowner’s insurance may not cover liability if you ride off your property.  Also, insurance can cover you in the event your ATV is ever stolen.  Make sure you register and insure your ATV appropriately, and look into season passes through the U.S. Forest Service.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we are committed to helping you stay safe when you’re out on the trails.  Call today to learn more about insurance coverage for your ATV, RV, or any other recreational vehicles you might own.  Our agents look forward to helping you.

How to Give Back to Your Local Community

At the beginning of the year, many people make resolutions that they struggle to keep. One resolution that will have a lasting effect and be easy to keep is giving back to your community. Giving back to your community creates a sense of joy that’s hard to mimic. And, it’s contagious. When others see you giving back, they will be motivated to do the same. The following are ways you can start giving back to your community.

Collect Supplies for Victims of Disasters

Whether you know a family who has experienced a fire or a flood, you can help them. You can organize a drive within your local area and give them the supplies they lost during their ordeal. With supplies and other resources, many families can get back on their feet in a few months; however, in the absence of your help, it may take longer.

Cook for Homebound Individuals

There are many seniors who are homebound due to illness or lack of resources. These individuals may not have the food they need to eat a home-cooked meal each day. If you only donate to a few homes, you will find that you can lighten the burden of so many who do not have access to assistance.

Repair Clothing for the Homeless

When a person is homeless, one of the last things they may be concerned with is what they have to wear. However, their clothing is critical to their survival. You can mend and donate old clothing and give it to homeless people so that they are warm during the cold months.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we believe that giving back to your community will ultimately help you. We encourage you to make a difference by volunteering or donating money to charities within your community.

While you are giving back, you should put your safety first. Make sure you have adequate auto insurance by comparing the coverage you have to the coverage on our website. If you have any questions about the coverage we offer, we will gladly answers your questions over the phone or in person.

Learning About Driving Abroad

Driving abroad requires a lot of attention to detail. Particularly if you are going to be flying overseas first, you are also going to be dealing with a rental car. Following a few tips can help to keep you safer on the foreign roads.

Your Rental Car

Know about the rental car that you are going to be driving. The steering will may be on the other side and manual transmission may be the only option. Ask a few questions about where windshield wipers and headlights are located if you cannot find the right away before you drive off of the rental car lot.

The Roads

Familiarize yourself with the roads that you are going to be driving on. This includes researching what road signs are going to look like. You may also need to prepare for driving on the other side of the road. There may also be some different laws, and it’s a good idea to know what they are so that you don’t inadvertently get pulled over.


The directions to where you are going are important, and you may not want to depend solely on paper maps. You can likely rent a GPS on your rental car company, and this will ensure that the international maps have been loaded.

Other Details

Knowing more about the city you will be driving in can help tremendously. Many European cities have narrow streets and heavy congestion, which can be overwhelming if you have never driven there before. In some instances, you may want to park your car and take public transportation.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we are committed to helping you stay safe on the roads. Call today and learn more about auto insurance, coverage, and ways to get an affordable auto policy. Our agents look forward to helping you.


Homeowner’s Insurance for Buena Vista, Virginia Lifestyle

Buena Vista, Virginia is home of America’s finest, natural locations. Both locals and visitors often relish in the area’s Blue & Grey Heritage Tours, spanning across several, wonderful, locations. Global Travel International has served the area for decades, facilitating both growth and exploration. Often, homeowners venture towards Boxerwood Gardens, near Boxerwood area neighborhoods, to witness the state’s lush collection of national wildlife and gardens. Regardless of visitation reasons, newcomers are urged to contact the local Visitors Center for news, updates and annual event information.

Individual Homeowner Options

Where tourist attractions, daily excursions and family living are considered, however, many access homeowners insurance to maintain high lifestyle inclusions. As your independent insurance provider, we’re ready to assist any concerns and innovative approaches to local insurance areas—providing solutions to common structural concerns.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners guarantees homeowners protection from undue damage within households. While the state’s laws may vary on a situation-to-situation basis, many area damages are covered, including the following:

  • Foundation
  • Porch
  • Windows
  • Entryways
  • Outdoor decking

Protecting the Household through Preventative Measures

Sinking foundations and mortgage coverage aren’t necessarily exclusive to one another, and a mortgage may require financial assistance when supporting household damages. Where natural damages and degradations are considered, our personal agents assist individuals with financial options and aid.

Options and Inclusions

Typically, various options exist to support an individual’s dwelling—capable of alleviating damage expenses while supporting additional structure installations. Similarly, personal property is often accommodated for, including the following areas:

  • Personal liability
  • Physical possessions
  • Legal liability
  • Loss of use

Repair times are often covered, too, though personal situations may not accommodate for loss of use during repair sessions. Individuals are urged to contact our services when selecting a plan, due to various insurance coverages adhering to state legislation. For more information, contact us today, and explore a variety of options available to the area’s loving community.