A typical home insurance claims process.

Home insurance claim process can be one cumbersome process especially if you do not have the knowledge about it. Understanding the established procedures that insurance companies follow during the claim process gives you a better chance to recover your money in a practical time frame.

A typical home insurance claims process includes:

Report of claim
After assessing the cost of damage to your home and property and getting an estimate of the cost of repairs and replacements, then it’s time to submit your claim either online or directly to your agent to claim for the services.

On receipt of your claim, the insurance company assigns a claims professional to your claim. The assigned agent will be responsible for navigating the required processes.

Initial contact
Tasked with the responsibility of assisting you with the claim process, the claims professional will get in touch with you to get to know about your loss and discuss your insurance coverage. He’ll then outline how the company plans to handle your claim. At this point, it is important to take note of the advice that the agent will offer you on ways to prevent more damage.

After getting to know your loss and discussing your insurance coverage, the claims professional will investigate your claim, assembling facts, reviewing and estimating the damage. If need be, he/she can also consult witnesses.

When the claims officer is done with the evaluation, the insurance company will make a verdict concerning your claim. For simpler claims, you can get paid the estimated amount of repairs after the first inspection but in more complicated claims the payment process may take longer.

Closing the claim
This is the last process of a typical claim process after the claim is resolved by the insurance company.
At Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, our professional claims officers will endeavor to expedite any insurance claims filed by our clients. Feel free to contact us for a smooth process.