Stay calm to avoid road rage

Road rage is becoming more of a problem as roads get more crowded and people feel stressed. People have even been killed in a fit of road rage, which is doing anything while driving to endanger another person. Sometimes there are fights – or even shootings – when people eventually stop their cars. Road rage happens when people feel their space has been invaded.

"With road rage, you’re basically driving under the influence of impaired emotions," says Leon James, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of Hawaii. He said controlling thoughts, feelings and actions are the key to avoiding letting emotions get out of control.

Here are some tips to avoid letting yourself get to the point of having a road rage event.

  • Slow down. Drive slower and in a more relaxed way. That will keep the stress level down .
  • Remember courtesy. Yes, you may be right, but ask yourself is it worth getting upset about.  It certainly isn’t worth getting into an altercation and going to jail over.
  • Give the other driver the benefit of the doubt. They may have no idea what they have done.  Remember you may also have done something unintentional as well, that bothered other drivers.
  • Music soothes the savage breast. Listen to light music that is relaxing. Avoid loud, hard driving music with a lot of bass  that can actually make you more stressed.
  • Pay attention to yourself. If you are stressed already, it will be easier to get upset at another driver. Try relaxation techniques such as deep breaths and if you are driving, stretch and flex your hands to help them relax. A little intentional de-stressing and help.

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