When Do You Need a Home Insurance Review?

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, our mission is to provide your Buena Vista, VA home with comprehensive coverage that safeguards you against unpredictable circumstances. While you may start homeownership with adequate coverage, any updates to your home can change your circumstances and necessitate a review and update of your existing home insurance policy.

The Need for Home Insurance Reviews

Significant changes to your home, such as a remodel, renovation, an added extension, or the installation of an outdoor living area, demand an overview of your home insurance policy. These changes can increase the value of your home, but your insurance might still be based on the original valuation agreement. It’s crucial to update your policy to reflect the increased value of your home.

Consider More Than Just the Home Valuation

We recommend involving your insurance agent to cross-check your policy against your evolving needs. For instance, if a home business that involves on-site meetings is operated from your premises, it would require a rider for a home business added to your home policy. This provides business liability coverage for your home-based enterprise. Additionally, inform your insurance agent about recreational home improvements, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, swing sets, jungle gyms, and trampolines. Increasing your liability coverage is advisable if any of these installations are part of your property.

Get in Touch Today

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance before initiating any renovations or home additions. We can support you in acquiring a temporary insurance policy for the construction phase, ensuring your ongoing project is covered. Our knowledgeable agents can also help you plan the update of your home insurance policy, ensuring you’re always fully protected. Contact us today and start your homeowner’s insurance review for your Buena Vista, VA, home.

Four Weird Things Your Home Insurance May Cover

Did you know your homeowner’s insurance may cover much more than the obvious things like theft, vandalism, and fire damage? To clarify what your home insurance policy covers, speak to your agent at Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving Buena Vista, VA. But in general, your policy may cover the following surprising incidents.

1. Damage to Outbuildings and Structures

These days, many homeowners have outdoor living areas, garden sheds, and detached hobby sheds. If these structures are located on your property, your home insurance policy may cover them. Look for a clause entitled, “Other Structures” or something similar, for details.

2. Temporary Housing Expenses

Sometimes, a home is damaged to an extent where temporary housing is needed during repairs. Many standard home insurance policies have a section called “Loss of Use,” where hotel expenses may be covered.

3. Pet-caused Injuries

Pets can’t always be controlled. If an incident occurs where your pet causes injury to another person on your property, you may be covered for that person’s medical expenses under your homeowner’s insurance. Again, talk to your insurance agent for confirmation and details.

4. Falling Objects

If your home is the victim of a weird phenomenon like a falling meteorite, burning remnants from an overzealous firecracker display, an out-of-control drone or airplane, or anything else falling out of the sky, the damage may be covered.

It’s important to understand precisely what your home insurance policy covers to get extra coverage if necessary. Consult with your insurance agent to learn more about your individual coverage needs.

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving Buena Vista, VA for home insurance coverage in Buena Vista and surrounding areas. We look forward to serving your issuance needs.

The Impact of Weather-related Events on Home Insurance Claims

As a homeowner, one of the major threats you face is potential damage due to extreme weather. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the impact of weather-related events on your home insurance claims. At Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, we take the time to help you understand your coverage. If you need additional coverage, we’ll help you find it. 

Weather Events Not Covered by Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy does not usually cover floods. However, Virginia residents can buy separate flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Check your policy to see what weather-related claims it covers. It’s helpful to schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to ensure you don’t miss anything in the fine print. For example, does your policy cover someone who falls on your icy sidewalk?

Types of Weather Damage Covered

It’s crucial to review your personal policy. However, most homeowners’ insurance covers weather-related damage from hail, fallen trees, and backups due to excess rain. Your individual policy may also list roof damage, wind damage, and power failure coverage. If you need help determining whether your policy includes landscaping damaged by ice dams, we can help.

Weather-Related Liability

Do you know if your policy covers liability related to neighbors falling and slipping on your icy porch steps? What about ice and snow that causes a miniature avalanche? Instead of guessing, contact our team for a thorough policy evaluation.

In any case, proper home maintenance can avoid many of these risks. Keep your roof clear, and sidewalks shoveled to limit your liability. If an accident occurs, contact the insurance company for instructions. Depending on your coverage, you may also get help with your lawyer’s fees too.

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA for more information on protecting your home and belongings from weather-related damage and risks.

Three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to purchasing home insurance

Home inspections can be necessary for those attempting to purchase home insurance in Buena Vista, VA. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we can answer questions you have about home inspections when you’re on the market for home insurance.

The following are three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to home insurance. 

Some insurance providers require a home inspection before offering home insurance.

Home insurance providers want to be confident that the properties they ensure meet some basic safety standards. For this reason, insurance companies sometimes require home inspections before they will insure a home. 

Your insurance provider might notify you that an inspection is required before you are offered coverage. Fortunately, you will be notified in advance that your home will need to undergo inspection. 

Home inspections are especially likely to be required for older homes.

If you are trying to find insurance for an older home, you are more likely to need to go through an inspection. Insurance providers may require an inspection before insuring an older home because older homes are more likely to have safety issues. 

Homeowners should prepare for home insurance inspections. 

If your insurance provider notifies you that your home needs to be inspected, it’s a good idea to do your own inspection beforehand.

You can inspect home features like your basement, attic, ceilings, walls, and roof. Look out for and repair any damage before your inspection to enjoy lower home insurance premiums. 

We’re here to help you if you have questions about home insurance or wonder whether a home inspection will be required for your property.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we’re here whenever you need home insurance assistance. Homeowners in Buena Vista, VA can contact us today to learn more!

Common Home Insurance Exclusions

Do you know that your home insurance has exclusions and limitations? If yes, do you know the specific exclusions? What isn’t covered by your home insurance is usually indicated in your policy document. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t read the fine print — they only learn about the exclusions when disasters have already happened. So, to be on the safe side, it’s essential to understand what isn’t covered by your home insurance policy to avoid heartaches during the claim process. Stonewall Grace Insurance of Buena Vista, VA is here to explain common home insurance exclusions.


Floods may be the most common natural disaster in the US, but the unfortunate thing is that flood damage isn’t covered by standard home insurance. However, all is not lost because you can purchase stand-alone flood insurance from private insurers or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect your home against floods.

Earth movements

Typical home insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, sinkholes, and other earth movements. However, like flood insurance, you can get "a rider" or " endorsement" to cover such damages.

Wear and tear

Your dwelling will certainly suffer normal wear and tear as the clocks ticks. Since this risk is certain to occur, it isn’t covered by home insurance. The good thing is that you can slow or stop your home’s gradual wear and tear through proper maintenance.

Pest or mold infestation

If your home is damaged by mold or pest infestation, any claim you make is likely to be ignored by your insurer. Your insurance expects you to carry out scheduled maintenance practices to keep mold and pests away from your home, like wear and tear.

Learn more about home insurance

If you want more insights about home insurance, don’t shy off from talking to your preferred insurance agent in Buena Vista, VA. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we have a team of knowledgeable agents to keep you on tabs on all matters regarding home insurance.

What ISN’T Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance?

Although homeowner’s insurance can cover many things, homeowners should be aware of what’s not covered. Many natural disasters, as well as damage to your home caused by wear and tear and neglect, aren’t covered under homeowner’s insurance. However, it’s best to contact a Buena Vista, VA insurance representative from Stonewall Grace Insurance to answer any questions you may have regarding what’s not covered. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. 

Natural Disasters
Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, and earth movements. Also, depending on where you’re located, there may be other natural disasters that may not be covered as well. 

Normal Wear and Tear
Normal wear and tear, as well as the neglect of your home that results in rust, rot, and mold, is not covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. Termites, as well as insect and rodent damage, are also not covered under a homeowner’s policy. Generally speaking, any damage or deterioration to your property that resulted from time, use, neglect, and lack of upkeep isn’t covered under your policy.

Other Exclusions…
Acts of war, government actions like seizure and eminent domain, and nuclear incidents aren’t covered as well. Homeowners should also note that any business in a separate structure located on your property isn’t covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Consult with an insurance agent to determine what type of insurance you would need to purchase to cover a business structure on your personal property. 
As a homeowner, you should familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s policy. There are many things that are covered under a standard homeowners policy. However, many things aren’t. What’s covered may even vary based on your location. There may be additional natural disasters, unique to your area, that aren’t covered under your homeowner’s policy. However, reach out to a team member from Stonewall Grace Insurance to answer specific questions regarding what’s not covered. We’re standing by.

Will Home Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Tree removal can be a tricky subject when it comes to home insurance in Buena Vista, VA. Here’s what makes it sort of complicated: If you buy a home insurance policy through Stonewall Grace Insurance, or any agency, your insurance provider covers your home, they cover much of the property you have on the plot of land on which your home sits.

But, they don’t cover the land itself, and they don’t cover trees, bushes, and shrubs on the land.

So it essentially breaks down like this:

  • If a tree falls onto your home, then removing the tree will be considered to be part of the covered damages. After all, the repair crew can’t get to your roof to fix it until they pull the tree off of your house.
  • If a tree simply falls over after a storm and lands on your lawn, it might not have damaged any covered property. It may have broken an underground pipe, but that’s typically going to be an expense for the city to worry about.

Essentially, if you get lucky and the tree doesn’t hit anything, then it’s not your insurer’s problem.

Here’s the good news: There are plenty of people who would be willing to remove the tree for free if they can keep the firewood. So ask around before you call a cleanup crew.

If you have any questions about home insurance in Buena Vista, VA, or if you’re looking to get covered, go ahead and call Stonewall Grace Insurance, or get in touch through the Stonewall Grace Insurance website to see about getting a good deal on a great home insurance policy.

What isn’t covered by home insurance

When you own a home, protecting it from all the hazards out there is something that is on your mind. Most people aren’t insurance experts and that is why they have to count on an insurance agent to provide the best information and access to a wide variety of products. At Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, our customers come first and we are happy to share our years of experience.


Most people are shocked to realize that floods are not covered by home insurance but it isn’t. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding you should consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. It is easy and inexpensive. 

Moving earth

Moving earth covers a few different types of hazards. It includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. All of these can be covered with the addition of an endorsement or a separate insurance policy. 


It is reasonable for the insurance company to expect that you will maintain your house and if you know there is a potential hazard you will correct the situation. Negligence is handled on a case by case but chances are if they can prove negligence the company isn’t going to pay. 

Expensive items

If you have lots of expensive jewelry, works of art, antiques, or expensive electronics you will not be covered on a normal home insurance policy. You can get coverage for these items but it will need to be an endorsement that you add. 

When you are looking for an insurance agent you can trust to put your interests first, Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA is the place to come. We have a team that will be there for you when you need us. Give us a call or stop by to set up an appointment for a free quote. 

Can You Change Your Home Insurance Provider Mid-Policy?

There are many things to consider when shopping for home insurance. In some instances, you may make a purchase initially that you feel fits your current needs, only to have a change of mind during the effective term of the policy. 

Home Insurance Changes

If you have home insurance currently in place and change your mind about your provider mid-term, you have options. First, find the type of coverage that fits your needs and make sure that it is in place before canceling your other policy. Once the new coverage is in effect, cancel the policy and work with an agent to make the process smoother and to have someone to answer your questions along the way.

Ideal Home Coverage

In order to protect your investment, you need ideal home insurance in place to prevent gaps and losses if there is a covered event. Never leave your home without insurance coverage, even if it’s just for a few days. You should also seek the assistance of a knowledgeable insurance agency like Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving the residents of Buena Vista, VA. They have the insight and experience to help homeowners navigate the sometimes complex world of home insurance coverage. They are ready to help before, during, and after the purchase to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind for their customers. 

Anyone who is currently shopping for new, better home insurance coverage are encouraged to call or stop by Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving the residents of Buena Vista, VA and speak with one of their friendly agents. They can offer solutions to current home insurance issues and help sort through policy options to get the protection that works best for your situation. 

How You Can Protect Your Home in Virginia with Insurance

Purchasing a home in the Buena Vista, VA area can be a great long term financial decision. When you do purchase a home, it is important that you have it properly covered by insurance at all times. The main reason why you need insurance is that it can help to protect you and your property in many different ways. 

Protect Against Casualty

One way that you can protect your home in the Buena Vista VA area with home insurance is by protecting against casualties. No matter where you live, there is always a risk that bad weather, fire or other natural disasters could damage your property. If this occurs, you will be protected if you have a home insurance policy as it will provide you with protection to rebuild, repair or even replace your property. 

Protect Against Bad Acts

While some issues that can damage a property are created by natural disasters, there is also the risk that you could suffer a loss due to the bad behavior of some other party. Being victimized by theft or vandalism can be a scary and frustrating situation. At the same time, it can also lead to a financial loss to make repairs or any replacements. With your home insurance policy, you can receive protection against theft and vandalism for both the property and your personal belongings.

Ultimately, having home insurance on your property is a necessity. When you are shopping for a new home in Virginia, you should contact the team at Stonewall Grace Insurance. When you speak with the team at Stonewall Grace Insurance, you will learn more about how home insurance can protect you and your property. The team can then get you into a policy that provides you with the right protection.