Commercial Auto Insurance for Pickup and Transportation Businesses in Buena Vista, VA

If your business is a pickup service, cab or truck driving service, you should consider commercial auto insurance. Whether you work alone or have employees, you’re in a high-risk transportation business, so using your personal auto insurance for coverage probably doesn’t provide sufficient protection. Consult your Stonewall Grace Insurance professionals regarding the types of commercial auto insurance that might be right for your company. In the meantime, here are some of the basics.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial car insurance coverage isn’t just about big trucks. If you use your own vehicle for your job or business in Buena Vista, VA, you need commercial auto insurance. A single accident can cost thousands of dollars in damages, so don’t leave your business unprotected.

Commercial vehicles that are covered by business auto insurance include cars, pickup trucks, and sports utility vehicles. Of course, it also protects more traditional commercial vehicles like big rigs, dump trucks, bucket trucks, catering trucks and more. Utility vans, limousines, and taxis and flatbeds are some of the diverse vehicles that may require commercial auto insurance. You can get a policy whether you lease or auto your work vehicles, and your Stonewall Grace Insurance agent can provide more information on specific options.

Types of Coverage

Typically, commercial car insurance gives you the same protection as personnel policies, but there are a lot of additional options unique to business driving. Choose a broadened or blanket policy to cover employees or people who work with you. Buy equipment insurance for loading and unloading goods or business insurance that protects your assets in case of a lawsuit. Your Stonewall Grace Insurance specialist can explain each type of coverage that might help your business.

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