Getting Learners Permit Car Insurance in Buena Vista, Virginia

You study the driver's manual and you're ready to go get your learners permit in Buena Vista, Virginia. One of the barriers to entry in getting your full driver's license is needing insurance on the car you're practicing in. If you get your insurance during your teen years, in most cases your parents are going to put you on theirs. If you're older and putting your toes in the driving water for the first time, it's a more complicated process.

Go through a driving school that allows you to take their cars for the driving test if you want to avoid as much hassle as possible. The school holds insurance on the car, so you're covered while you're learning how to drive. Talk with family or friends to see if anyone would be willing to temporarily put you on their car insurance policy as a named driver in the car. If they are unable to, have one of your friends or family check with their insurance company to see if you would be covered without actually going on the policy.

If you don't have anyone who can help you out, it's possible to get a liability only auto insurance product that covers you while you have the permit, but it's hard to find these kind of policies as this situation is rare. Your rates are also significantly higher than if you get coverage through someone else's policy.

Give our independent agents a call in Virginia to find out what your options are. We're happy to help discover car insurance options that fit your unique situation.