Importance of Annual Auto Insurance Review

How Changing Life Circumstances Affect Your Auto Insurance

Here at Stonewall Grace Insurance, we recommend conducting an annual review of your auto insurance policy. This strategy not only helps to maintain your awareness of how changes in life circumstances impact your coverage but also provides an opportunity to determine if you need to add teen drivers to your auto insurance or if a move to a neighborhood with differing crime rates has occurred. Meet with our knowledgeable agents in Buena Vista, CA every year to better understand how these changes affect your monthly premium & coverage. We’re here to facilitate any necessary changes.

Impact of Your Parking and Driving Habits

Relocating to a city environment may increase your rates while moving to the suburbs could provide savings. The location where you park your car, both during the day and at night, impacts your premiums. During your annual meet-up, inform your agent about recent changes, such as a new job or home. We’re here to help determine the potential impacts on your insurance and brainstorm ways to minimize risks.

Reducing Mileage Can Lead to Lower Premiums

Is your work commute more than 20 miles daily? If so, reducing this journey can lower your risk of accidents. Opting for public transportation can offer multiple benefits, including saving time and parking expenses. It can also lower your car’s mileage, thereby extending its useful life, reducing the inherent risks of being on the road, and potentially leading to lower insurance premiums.

Safe and High-Performing Teen Drivers on Your Policy

Have your teen drivers improved their grades recently? Do they practice safe driving? These milestones signal your teen driver’s maturity. While sharing these achievements with friends and family is common, don’t forget to inform your insurance agent as well. Many insurers offer discounts for such circumstances, implying that your teen is less likely to be involved in an accident.

Schedule Your Annual Auto Insurance Review with Stonewall Grace Insurance

Let us help you keep your auto insurance policy up to date with life’s ever-changing situations. Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, to schedule your annual auto insurance review today!