The Other Coverages Renters Insurance May Provide

One of the main protections included in renters insurance policies is coverage for your personal belongings, which may include your kitchen table, laptop computer, and wedding dress (each policy has its own limits, conditions and exclusions). This is not the only protection that renters insurance affords, however. In addition to protecting your possessions from common perils, renters insurance can also protect you. Here are some of the ways a renters insurance may provide you with valuable protection.

Coverage That Protect You

If you compare several renters insurance policies, you’ll find that the additional coverage options they include varies widely. Some will have many supplemental coverage, while others may only have a few — if any. The following are a few of the more common additional coverage:

  • medical payments coverage, which is intended to help pay for medical expenses that arise from an injury a guest sustains while visiting you
  • additional living expenses expenses, which provides financial assistance if a covered peril makes your home uninhabitable
  • liability coverage, which affords protection if you’re found liable for a covered incident
  • property damage to others coverage, which may pay for damage you cause to another’s physical property

In a renters insurance policy that has these coverage options, each of them will be governed by specific terms and conditions found in the policy. These details may vary from policy to policy. Therefore, it’s important to review exactly what these coverage options provides you when selecting a policy.

Agents That Help You

For additional help understanding the different coverage included in renters insurance policies, contact us at Stonewall Grace Insurance. We’ve assisted many tenants who live in Buena Vista, VA, and our independent insurance agents would be glad to help you. You can reach us through our website or by calling us.