Three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to purchasing home insurance

Home inspections can be necessary for those attempting to purchase home insurance in Buena Vista, VA. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we can answer questions you have about home inspections when you’re on the market for home insurance.

The following are three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to home insurance. 

Some insurance providers require a home inspection before offering home insurance.

Home insurance providers want to be confident that the properties they ensure meet some basic safety standards. For this reason, insurance companies sometimes require home inspections before they will insure a home. 

Your insurance provider might notify you that an inspection is required before you are offered coverage. Fortunately, you will be notified in advance that your home will need to undergo inspection. 

Home inspections are especially likely to be required for older homes.

If you are trying to find insurance for an older home, you are more likely to need to go through an inspection. Insurance providers may require an inspection before insuring an older home because older homes are more likely to have safety issues. 

Homeowners should prepare for home insurance inspections. 

If your insurance provider notifies you that your home needs to be inspected, it’s a good idea to do your own inspection beforehand.

You can inspect home features like your basement, attic, ceilings, walls, and roof. Look out for and repair any damage before your inspection to enjoy lower home insurance premiums. 

We’re here to help you if you have questions about home insurance or wonder whether a home inspection will be required for your property.

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