Does Home Insurance Cover Additional Structures?

Almost everyone knows that homeowner’s need homeowners’ insurance. But how much do you know about what it covers and if it covers additional structures on the property?

Additional Structures

If you have a shed or addition to your property it is important to let your insurance agent know that you would like to carry coverage on those structures. If you do not specify, you may be left unprotected. This is especially important for additions that are connected to the main home. Regular homeowners’ insurance will protect the main structure, but you can add additional coverage, or a rider, to most policies. Ask your agent what the best method to cover those additional structures will be, ad they can help guide you and get you the coverage you need.


If you have value in the additional buildings, you may not be able to cover the contents. The ability to cover contents is based on the insurance company and the limitation of the policy. If you need additional coverage, ask your agent if there are ways to cover the contents if your insurance doesn’t already cover them. For instance, if you have lawn equipment or tools in your shed, you will probably want to have some form of coverage to replace them if necessary. Many people forget to cover their valuable belongings in additional structures, which could prove to be costly. For more information about covering additional structures on your insurance policy, call or stop by Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall Grace Insurance.

Let the experienced insurance agents at Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall Grace Insurance get you the comprehensive coverage you need so you are not left vulnerable during a covered event.