Renters Need Protection Too – Get Renters Insurance

Are you a renter in the Buena Vista, VA area? Do you mistakenly believe that your landlord’s property insurance policy will cover your possessions? The insurance professionals at Stonewall Grace Insurance can provide you with the coverage you need as a renter.

It is good to remember that the landlord’s property insurance only covers losses to the building itself. Your personal property is only protected by a renter’s insurance policy that you must purchase.

Another reason why so few renters have insurance coverage is that they underestimate the value of their personal possessions. Add up the cost of your electronics alone. It wouldn’t take long to get into the thousands of dollars for some renters. Then add clothing, furniture, and kitchen supplies. It would be very costly to replace all these items. They are worth more than you think.

Liability is another good reason to have a renters’ policy. You could face a lawsuit if you have a dog and he suddenly decides to bite a neighbor, friend, or a pizza delivery person. Another good reason to have a renters’ policy is that your landlord might require it.

Renters insurance provides protection for your personal property against a long list of disasters, including:

  • Damage caused by falling aircraft
  • Damage caused by cars or other vehicles
  • An explosion
  • Falling debris or other objects
  • Lightning or fire
  • Civil commotion or riot
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Malicious mischief or vandalism
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Weight of snow, sleet, or ice
  • Hail or windstorm
  • Damage from steam or water from sources, including appliances, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, or sprinkler systems

Losses from earthquakes and floods are not covered in a standard policy. A separate rider or policy would be required. Also, hurricane wind damage may require a separate rider.

Make sure you have renters insurance for your own protection. For very little money each month, you will have the coverage you need for peace of mind. Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance today.

The Insurance Industry Definition of Senior Market

When you shop for health and life insurance coverage at Stonewall Grace Insurance, you might not realize that you qualify for senior market options. The insurance industry defines the senior market as applying to those 45 years of age or older. It targets senior market products at those aged 45 to 85 years old and requires no health check to acquire a life insurance policy.

Senior Means so Many Things

The insurance industry tries to make it easier for individuals in Buena Vista, VA and other locations to obtain the health and life insurance they need. One way it does this is senior market insurance sometimes misses part of its target audience because those individuals don’t yet consider themselves seniors.

Business defines a senior citizen as those who’ve entirely retired from working unless referring to a senior executive, which means an individual in a C-level or top management position. Healthcare terms it as those 65 years of age or older. Social Security Administration (SSA) once considered 65 the retirement age but now determines it to occur at 70. That’s a senior citizen to the SSA. The American Association of Retired Persons targets those aged 50 and older.

Senior Market Insurance

You probably understand that every industry defines the “senior market” differently. In the insurance industry, those aged 45 and older qualify for senior products. The industry doesn’t mean that it considers those ages of people as senior citizens. It addresses an issue of ageism in healthcare that assumes a person’s health declines beginning about the age of 45.

This assumption, tied to long-term data, makes it more challenging for individuals aged 45 and older to obtain health and life insurance. To solve this problem, the insurance industry developed the senior market, which only includes insurance products that don’t require a medical exam to obtain.

Shopping this market lets a 45-year-old who beat cancer, for example, obtain health and life insurance. Since the individual doesn’t have to undergo a medical exam, they can more easily qualify for the policy. Although their premiums cost more, Stonewall Grace Insurance does its best to offer the most affordable options to Buena Vista, VA residents.

Will the Government Cover Me if I’m Disabled?

It can be devastating if you cannot work due to injury or other conditions. The loss of income can compel you to give up things you love, and it can be hard to make ends meet. Stonewall Grace Insurance knows government assistance programs in Buena Vista, VA don’t always cover certain conditions, and even when they do, the coverage might not be enough.

Social Security: What It Covers

You can qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration if you are out of work for 12 months. The SSA considers "disability" as a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from doing any work. The SSA covers various impairments, such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and more. Head injuries, paralysis, and eyes and ears can be grounds for disability.

Is Social Security Income Enough?

Unfortunately, the answer is often no. The monthly disability payment is low, and you will need to pay for medical coverage and some expenses associated with being out of work. You may have to move in with a friend or relative or apply for other government assistance to help with the extra costs. On average, the yearly income from Social Security is less than $20,000.

Can You Rely On Employer Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance is usually limited and can’t replace your salary if you become disabled. Some employers will require you to apply for Social Security benefits first.

Benefits of Having Individual Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help pay bills while you’re disabled or use money from the policy to pay off debt. Some policies also provide a death benefit.

Bottom Line

Don’t rely on one safety net in case of disability. If you live in Buena Vista, VA, please get in touch with Stonewall Grace Insurance to learn more about disability and life insurance.

Why you need commercial insurance for your home business

Basing your business at home is becoming more popular all the time. It is less expensive when it comes to a start-up than having to rent a business location. You may assume that because your business is located in your home, your home insurance is adequate coverage. At Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, our experienced team can advise you on all aspects of commercial insurance and where your home business will find home insurance lacking. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Your home insurance has personal property coverage. It is designed to replace your furniture and things like clothing, books, and items you use every day. Your home business is likely to use many things that are not personal property. Home insurance will not provide the coverage you need for your raw materials, inventory, and things that are strictly business items. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are using your personal vehicle for business purposes, you need to rethink that. If you have an accident while you are in the process of doing business, your personal insurance won’t cover you. That is very serious and could cost you your business and your personal wealth. You need to have your business vehicle covered with commercial auto insurance. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

Any business is vulnerable to being sued. Anyone who visits your home on business has the potential to be injured and sue you. If you are sued by someone visiting for business, your home insurance won’t cover the injury. That could cost you everything you have, and it isn’t worth the risk. 

Workers Compensation

If you have more than two employees, this is something you need to think about and are required to have. 

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA to discuss your home business and commercial insurance.

How Does Renters Insurance Protect Someone?

If you are a renter in Buena Vista, VA, you should consider renters insurance to protect your finances. We know what you are thinking: the landlord has insurance. Why should I get one myself? Your landlord’s insurance covers the property but not your personal assets. For this reason, you should consider renters insurance from Stonewall Grace Insurance.

Here are the ways that renters insurance protects you:

Covers your assets

Think about the assets you own, from clothing and furniture to electronics. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to start from scratch if something happened to your assets? If you are a tenant living from paycheck to paycheck or saving up to own your home, a loss or damage to your assets can be a big blow.

However, if you have renters insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your insurer will compensate you when something happens to your assets. Renter’s insurance won’t prevent risks, but it cushions you financially when the worst occurs.

Personal liability coverage

If you are legally responsible for injury to other people, renters insurance can cover the third-party costs. Similarly, if you are accused of causing property damage to others, renters insurance can cover the costs. Since liability costs can be prohibitive, every renter should ensure they have an adequate amount of renter’s insurance.

Loss of use

Suppose a peril listed in your renter’s insurance policy makes your dwelling unlivable. In that case, renters insurance can put you in a temporary shelter (like a hotel) and pay for the additional living expenses until your dwelling becomes livable again.

Renters insurance in Buena Vista, VA

Want to invest in renters insurance? You are on the right track. All you need now is to get in touch with Stonewall Grace Insurance. We will recommend a renters insurance that suits your budget, lifestyle, and other needs.

Why You Should Buy Life Insurance If You’re Over 50 Years Old

When you’re developing your estate plan, you will want to ensure that you purchase a life insurance policy in Buena Vista, VA. The older you get, the more expensive the coverage is. However, if you are 50+ and do not have life insurance, it isn’t too late to speak to Stonewall Grace Insurance about your options. The benefits will outweigh the costs of the policy. Here are just a few reasons you should get this type of personal insurance.

It Can Supplement Retirement Account Funds

Some forms of life insurance have the potential for investment. These insurance policies will allow the withdrawal of money against the cash value of your life insurance policy as needed. If you do not have sufficient savings for retirement, an appropriate policy can supplement your existing savings and help ensure a retirement that is as comfortable as possible.

It Can Help with the Care for an Ill or Disabled Family Member

If you are the primary caregiver for a family member, a life insurance policy can serve as a safety net to cover any finances after your passing. This type of policy can cover a variety of living and medical care expenses.

It Can Pay for End-of-Life and Funeral Expenses

While you may be equipped with great health insurance, it may not be enough if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. On top of that, upon your death, funeral expenses can be expensive. This is particularly true if you wish for a traditional burial and memorial service. A life insurance policy offers death benefits that can be used to help pay for both of these, ensuring your family is not left with the financial burden of your death. This allows them to grieve your loss.

If you are ready to take control of you and your family’s future in Buena Vista, VA, speak to us at Stonewall Grace Insurance about your life insurance choices.

Senior Market Health Insurance FAQs

You still have the best years ahead during your golden age, and you need your health to be in tiptop condition. One of the best ways to protect your health is investing in senior market health insurance from Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA. But because we usually get many questions regarding senior health insurance, we have prepared a FAQs section to shed more light on this coverage.

What are some senior health insurance coverages I can access?

As you grow old, your health is likely to fail you. However, with a sound health insurance plan, you can enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about medical bills. Here are some senior health insurance plans you can access:

  • Medicare (Advantage and Supplement plans)
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Hearing insurance
  • Short-term medical insurance
  • Hospital indemnity insurance
  • Critical illness

Because seniors require a little more attention to detail regarding health insurance, you need a caring insurance agent who listens to your needs and provides coverage based on your unique needs.

How does an insurance agent help with senior health insurance?

An experienced insurance agent knows how to navigate the complicated health insurance field. By listening to your needs, they can help you choose the health insurance coverage that answers your needs. Whether you need a health plan for emergency cases or one that allows you to see a doctor whenever you want, Stonewall Grace Insurance is here to help.

Where can I purchase senior health insurance in Buena Vista, VA?

Looking for a robust senior health insurance plan? Look no further than Stonewall Grace Insurance. Because everyone’s needs are different, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all health insurance coverage. We will take you through the various options available and help you pick the option that meets your budget and other unique needs.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Is Not Underinsured

Folks in Buena Vista, VA have a good view of the future, enjoying their lives and taking on journeys like starting a business. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we know that a sunny outlook requires careful planning. This is how you can keep your business growing without the risk of being underinsured.

Report Significant Changes

Taking on new business and improving your company’s revenue feels fantastic and increases how busy you are. You might open up a new brick-and-mortar location, hire help for the extra work, and purchase equipment to improve your workflow. Any of these changes might impact your potential liability, so bring them to your insurer as soon as you can.

Conduct an Annual Insurance Review

Doing at least a once per year checkup on all of your company’s contracts is a solid way to catch risks that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Include your company’s commercial insurance policies into the mix, even if you think it’s unlikely that anything noteworthy has changed. A little bit of extra time could save you an immense amount of money if there’s an issue that you missed.

Shop around for Options

Prices and offerings might change over time, especially since they are influenced by your company’s risks and assets. Looking through your choices and getting a few quotes will paint a picture of the insurance environment and could point you to the coverage you hadn’t considered. For example, if your company surges and carries a lot of risks, you might benefit from umbrella insurance coverage. To find out more about your coverage options, both new and existing business owners can contact us at Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA.

Should Virginia renters get renter’s insurance?

Those that are in the Buena Vista, VA area will want to make sure that they pick a good housing option for their situation. For many here, becoming a renter is a good choice as you will have fewer maintenance obligations and have more long-term flexibility. If you want to rent a home, getting a renter’s insurance plan is a good idea. A renter’s insurance policy will be necessary for several reasons.

Coverage Needed to Protect Tenant

A primary reason to have renter’s insurance is so you can receive helpful protection. People that have renter’s insurance will receive several types of beneficial coverage. Some advantages of renter’s insurance include getting protection for all of your personal assets and receiving personal liability insurance support. If there is ever an accident or situation that results in a loss, renter’s insurance will prove to be a great investment. 

Coverage is Required Under Lease

You also will want to have renter’s insurance to comply with the requirements set in your lease. If you decide that you want to rent a home, it is very important that you fully review your lease. In many cases, your landlord is going to require that you get renter’s insurance and maintain the plan throughout the term of the lease. If you do not have this coverage, you could be in default and may even invalidate the agreement. 

People that are in the Buena Vista, VA area need to make sure that they are properly covered with renter’s insurance at all times. If you want to get this insurance support here, calling Stonewall Grace Insurance is a good idea. The professionals with Stonewall Grace Insurance know the value of this coverage and can offer you advice to build a plan that will give you ideal protection. 

Is It Too Late for a Senior to Get Life Insurance?

In Buena Vista, VA, many older adults and senior citizens don’t get insurance because they think it is far too late and cannot get high-quality coverage. This misconception is understandable but troubling. We at Stonewall Grace Insurance try to discourage this belief whenever we can to help our customers get the life insurance policies that they want.

Seniors Can Still Get Life Insurance 

If you’re a senior who hasn’t bought life insurance yet, you still have time. While it is true that your options may be a bit less diverse and that you may have to do a little careful digging, it is still very likely for you to find some kind of policy that works for your needs.

And doing so will provide you with many benefits that will ensure that you don’t run into any issues as a person. These benefits include:

  • Payout for your children after you pass 
  • Help to handle your burial needs. 
  • Paying your debts if you have any left 
  • Handling any other financial needs

As a result, it is a good idea to reach out to an agent right away and learn more about what kind of options are available to you. While it might seem like you’ll end up paying more, you might not because there are many unique policy options available. For example, some companies decide to work directly with seniors to provide them with the kind of help that they need to take care of their financial situation after they pass away.

Do You Want Life Insurance?

If you live in Buena Vista, VA, and want life insurance that you can trust, please reach out to us at Stonewall Grace Insurance right away to learn more. Our team is ready to work with you to make it easier to handle your insurance needs and minimize any complications with your coverage.