What are a life and disability insurance cover?

Life is unpredictable, and unexpected life-altering events can happen at any time! A life insurance cover is a contract with an insurance company to pay a sum of money to specified beneficiaries upon the demise of the insured. It is chosen based on the needs and goals of the owner. It provides financial protection to surviving dependents after the death of the insured. It is essential to analyze the living standard you wish for your loved ones after your demise before choosing a policy.

In Buena Vista, VA, choosing the right insurance agency will save you time and money. Our trusted Stonewall Grace Insurance agents will keep your best interest at the forefront and ensure your family is protected.

The disability insurance policy covers the policyholder earned income against the risk that a disability could create a barrier that could prevent him from carrying out the core duties of his work. This cover will provide income in the event where due to disability, a policyholder is unable to perform income-generating activities. There are two types of disability insurance cover; short term and long term. The short term insurance benefits cover pays its benefits for a period of up to six months while long term benefits pay its benefits until the policyholder can resume work.

In Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall Grace Insurance agents will offer you a customized life and disability insurance to the convenience and personal touch of clients. Being proactive in safeguarding your loved one’s future while protecting yourself is a smart move that assures you of peace of mind. Stonewall Grace Insurance agents will work with your budget and situation to meet all your life planning and insurance needs. Visit our website today, or give us a call!

Is Your Business Protected for the Holidays?

Most business owners look forward to the holiday season to boost sales. A greater influx of customers, however, makes you more vulnerable to holiday theft, damaged goods and liability claims due to accidents on your business property. Commercial insurance from Stonewall Grace Insurance can protect your Buena Vista, VA business against these and other risks that can ruin your holiday season. Here’s how a commercial policy can protect your business during the holidays.

Liability Claims

Icy doorways combined with increased foot traffic could lead to slip and fall injuries on your business property. If a customer gets hurt in an accident while visiting your business, general liability insurance will pay his medical costs. If the same customer sues for damages, general liability insurance will cover your legal fees and settlement, up to the limits of your policy. Professional liability coverage protects you against claims of negligence in the services or products your business provides.


If you hire seasonal help during the holidays, there’s always the risk of employee theft. Part-time workers may not be as loyal as your fulltime workforce. This could lead to them stealing cash or products during the busy season. Commercial crime insurance can protect your Buena Vista VA business against employee theft, forgery, computer fraud and more. 

Business Equipment

The holiday season is the worst time for you to suffer theft or loss of your business equipment due to fire or another disaster. If your equipment is damaged or stolen during the holidays, commercial property insurance will cover repair or replacement costs to save you from financial loss.

These are just a few ways commercial insurance protects your business interests during the holidays. To learn more about commercial coverage options and costs, contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA.

The Five Top Reasons You Must Have Renters Insurance

Like many Americans, you may find ever-increasing rents to be daunting, and in order to save money, you may consider opting to skip purchasing renters insurance coverage for your belongings. But, how will you protect yourself and your possessions in the event of a fire, theft, or another disaster? 

Here are five good reasons why you absolutely need insurance coverage for your Buena Vista, VA rental. 

Protection for Your Personal Property 

Many renters mistakenly believe that their rental home, apartment, or condo is covered by their landlord’s property insurance. However, according to recent insurance surveys, 68 percent of renters between the ages of 23 to 35 would have to pay an estimated $5,000 in order to replace their possessions after a fire, break-in, or other unfortunate events. Can you afford to cover that out of pocket? 

What Does Renters Insurance Cover? 

A standard renters insurance policy will provide protection for your personal belongings against listed perils such as theft, fire, and vandalism. If you have a taste for antique furniture, art, advanced electronics, jewelry, or collectibles, you should talk to your Stonewall Grace Insurance agent about additional insurance to protect your high-end valuables.  

Additional Coverage Away from Home 

There may be other benefits included in your coverage. Depending on your policy, you may be covered in the event of a loss that occurs off-premises. For example, if you’re at a coffee shop and someone steals your expensive laptop and high-definition headphones, you may be able to file a claim for the stolen items. Some policies will also cover belongings kept in a storage facility. 

Liability Protection 

If your dog bites your neighbor, or a friend slips and falls off your porch, you may be held liable in a lawsuit. If a court finds you liable, your rental insurance policy will cover the cost of medical payouts, as well as replacement costs for damage or loss to other parties that occur at your rental property. 

Affordable Loss and Liability Protection 

The majority of basic rental insurance is often less than the cost of a pair of movie tickets each month. You may also find potential savings if you: 

  • Have a security system in place 
  • Have fire-protection devices 
  • Belong to a special interest group such as an alumni association or labor union 
  • Have an existing auto insurance policy 
  • Have special statuses such as senior citizen, military, or college student 
  • Maintain a claim-free policy for a specific period of time 

Greater Rental Opportunity Options 

Investing in renters’ insurance may expand your rental options, as more and more landlords are requiring that their tenants carry renters’ insurance. By shopping in advance for a renters insurance policy, you’ll have more rental choices. 

For more information about how renters insurance protects you and your property, call the Buena Vista, VA insurance experts at Stonewall Grace Insurance today. 

How Does Senior Market Health And Life Insurance Differ From More General Coverage?

If you’re over age 65, you may be interested in senior market life and health insurance. This coverage, from Buena Vista, VA companies like Stonewall Grace Insurance, differs greatly from general coverage. Read on to find out how insurance coverage tailored specifically to senior citizens stands out from insurance meant for a general demographic.

Senior Coverage Is Guaranteed

While most life and health insurance rely on various criteria to approve or deny coverage, senior insurance is guaranteed. Though not all providers have the same requirements, if you are generally within the age limit of a senior citizen, you may qualify for coverage.

Of course, your rates may vary depending on your circumstances and the coverage you choose. For instance, a ninety-year-old female with heart disease may have to pay more for her coverage than a sixty-five-year-old female who is active and reasonably healthy. despite that, your coverage will not be denied.

The Rates Are Capped

It’s no secret that seniors often live on a fixed income. With pharmaceutical product prices skyrocketing and seniors being unemployed due to health conditions, an option that offers capped premiums is particularly interesting.

If purchasing your policy with Stonewall Grace Insurance, your senior life or health stays the same in terms of monthly rates. The guarantee is in place for the rest of your life.

Senior Life Insurance Covers End-Of-Life Expenses

While other insurance meant for a broad demographic can cover many things, senior life insurance is specifically meant for end-of-life expenses. Having this type of coverage in place ensures that your loved ones are not left scrambling for finances to pay for your funeral or settle any leftover debts.

Similarly, senior market health insurance is meant to supplement senior care coverage such as Medicare or a similar type of policy. Insurance specifically for seniors helps with any and all hospitalizations and related medical bills at the end of your life as well.

Senior Health Insurance Allows Preexisting Conditions

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, while other types of insurance exclude preexisting conditions, senior insurance keeps them in perspective. Few seniors who seek coverage are without preexisting conditions. Therefore, your coverage won’t be limited nor will your premium be raised due to preexisting conditions.

Are You Ready To Sign Up For Coverage?

As a senior citizen, life and health coverage that caters specifically to your age and interests is the best option for you. If you live in Buena Vista, VA, call our friendly agents at Stonewall Grace Insurance for a quote and some guidance. We are standing by to help you get the right coverage.

What is Life and Disability Insurance Used for?

No one can predict the future, but we can be prepared for it. As uncomfortable the subjects may be, death and disability are also part of life. If you were to become disabled and unable to work, could you support yourself and your family? If you were to die tomorrow, next week, five years from now, would your family be taken care of? If you want to answer "yes" to these questions, then you need a life and disability insurance policy in Buena Vista, VA.

This policy will take all the guess work out of the big "what if’s" of the future. For example, once a life and disability insurance claim is paid off.

  • Your family will have the funds to cover funeral costs, pay off outstanding debt, college tuition, living expenses, and more. 
  • You will have income if an injury or disease leaves you disabled and unable to work. Generally speaking, a disability insurance policy protects your income for the duration of your life. 
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that whatever the future brings, you have the resources available to meet the obstacle.
  • You have access to friendly, experienced insurance agents who will help you find the right policy at the right price.

To learn more about getting a new life and disability insurance policy or changing an existing one, contact Stonewall Grace Insurance. A member of our team will help find you the policy you need, compare quotes, and talk about bundling your insurance policies under one company to save money on your premiums. We are also here to answer all of your questions and concerns. Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance today at 866-446-5056. 

4 Ways Commercial Insurance Increases Your Business Opportunities

Your commercial insurance policies protect your Buena Vista, VA business from a range of potential threats. However, these contracts do more than help you through hard times. Here are some of the ways the policies offered by Stonewall Grace Insurance can actually help you make more money.

  • With the right insurance policies, your customers know that their investments can be recouped if a problem occurs. This makes them more likely to buy from you. Having an insurance policy also validates your business, which means potential buyers will trust you more than your non-insured competition.
  • Lenders look at a lot of criteria when deciding if you’re worth the risk. Having the right combination of insurance policies shows that you’re serious about protecting your financial status, which means you’re more likely to pay them back. Having an active policy could make the difference between getting the funds you need and being denied.
  • When working with other independent contractors, your insurance policy continues to protect your interests. If you’re seeking a partnership with a more established contractor, your insurance policies might convince them to give you a chance.
  • Starting a new business venture can stretch your resources beyond their limits. With a good insurance strategy, your expansions are protected against a variety of potential misfortunes. That means you, your partners, and your investors can rest assured that your investments are protected. That could help you convince them to accept some of your riskier ideas.

Find the perfect commercial insurance strategy for your Buena Vista, VA business with the experts at Stonewall Grace Insurance. Contact our representatives for a personalized assessment of your insurance needs.

What Does Renters Insurance Protect?

Do you rent a home, condo, or apartment in Buena Vista, VA? If so, you may want to consider protecting your valuables with renters insurance. A good policy will give you peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen, you’re covered. Read on to learn about what renters insurance covers.

Renters Insurance and Fire

If a fire were to break out in your rental unit, this is your responsibility. You will not be able to recover any losses without the right insurance protection. This means you will lose everything damaged in the fire unless you are adequately covered.

Renters Insurance and Theft

Property crimes happen all the time in the United States. In order to protect your valuables in the event of a burglary, you’ll need renters insurance to recoup your losses after your deductible is paid.

Renters Insurance and Liability Claims

Accidents are typically unforeseen events. A guest could fall down the stairs, get bit by your dog, or suffer an injury by slipping on your wet kitchen floor. If an accident were to occur and the injured party decides to sue, you will be left in the cold without a renters insurance policy. This policy will help you with any litigation claims made against you by an injured party.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving the Buena Vista, VA area, we are here to help you find the right renter’s insurance policy for the right price. We will answer all of your questions and concerns and help you compare various quotes. To find the right renters insurance, contact Stonewall Grace Insurance today at 866-446-5056 to compare renters insurance quotes.



What is Senior Market Insurance?

Insurance can be difficult to traverse at any age but especially in later years. For those that are of the senior age group, senior market insurance is a subset of typical insurance that is geared specifically toward this age group. For those that live in the Buena Vista, VA area, the agents with Stonewall Grace Insurance can help you to find the right insurance for you no matter your age.

Put as simply as possible, senior market insurance are those insurance coverages that are geared toward what one would typically classify as a senior. This means special insurance coverages that are geared toward those that are around the age of 65 or older. This type of insurance may be special health insurance coverages, life insurance, and more that are all specifically tailored toward older individuals. This type of coverage may have lower deductibles, may tailor to specialists, and more.

For those that are considered seniors, these coverages may also cost less and may even work with things like Medicare and Medicaid dependent on what coverages you have already. This type of coverage is fantastic for those older individuals that may need more coverage but that may not have the ability to use normal coverages. If you are a senior, this type of policy is going to be great for those that do need different coverage than typical policies or that may need something that is going to work with their current Medicare coverages. For those that live in the Buena Vista, VA area and need a bit more help understanding this type of insurance, the agents with Stonewall Grace Insurance can help you to understand and find the coverage that is going to work best for you and for your specific insurance needs and coverages.

Life and disability insurance when you are first starting out

When you begin your first job out of college or trade school, marry, and start a family, the last thing you are likely to think about is dying or suffering a permanent disability that might prevent you from working. But, as Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving Buena Vista, VA notes, death and injury can happen to everyone, even the young and the vigorous, as well as the old and infirm.

A life and disability insurance policy will provide, if nothing else, peace of mind that if something does happen to you, your family will be taken care of. Your not being around or being unable to work, with the attendant medical bills a disability implies, will result in a lot of financial obligations. If you have bought a house, the payout from insurance policy will help with the mortgage. Your children’s education can be taken care of. Of course, your final expenses, including the cost of a funeral and settling any debts, such as a car note or credit card balance, can be dealt with as well.

No one likes to think about death or injury at a young age, which means that younger people often do not even think about life and disability insurance until they are older. Sadly, your younger years are the perfect time to get such a policy. Your premiums are likely to be much lower than if you wait until you are middle-aged or even elderly.

For more information on the life and disability insurance and how such an investment may be suitable for you, feel free to contact Stonewall Grace Insurance serving Buena Vista.

When Is Commercial Auto Insurance Necessary?

Commercial auto insurance in Buena Vista, VA is a policy that is designed for vehicles used for business purposes. Depending on the business, you could need higher liability insurance or additional coverage add-ons to be fully protected. Personal drivers don’t have many of the same car insurance concerns that business do, so they need a different policy.

Businesses will usually have higher liability issues and need higher liability insurance requirements, since businesses will deal with work equipment, employees, and passengers. You need a commercial insurance policy if you are using a vehicle to transport people or goods for a fee, or if you are using your vehicle to perform a service.

A commercial auto insurance policy will generally cover many of the same major things that private individuals purchase, but it will usually have higher limits. There are more add-ons as well that are suited for commercial driving. Coverage will include employees, the business, and equipment. An agent at Stonewall Grace Insurance can help you determine how much coverage you need.

You must meet the state’s liability insurance requirements and these coverage limits may be higher than for regular vehicles. If you don’t own the vehicles you are using for commercial purposes, then you may also have to have collision and comprehensive coverage, which could be required by your lender. There are also other types of insurance to consider. Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage will help protect you if you are involved in an accident with a person who doesn’t have enough insurance or no insurance at all. Personal effects insurance can provide coverage if your or an employee’s personal belongings are stolen. This coverage is usually only up to a certain amount. Emergency roadside insurance can help if you are stranded on the side of the road and can include tire changes, fuel delivery, and battery services.

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance, serving Buena Vista, VA, to get a quote on commercial auto insurance.