Common Home Insurance Exclusions

Do you know that your home insurance has exclusions and limitations? If yes, do you know the specific exclusions? What isn’t covered by your home insurance is usually indicated in your policy document. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t read the fine print — they only learn about the exclusions when disasters have already happened. So, to be on the safe side, it’s essential to understand what isn’t covered by your home insurance policy to avoid heartaches during the claim process. Stonewall Grace Insurance of Buena Vista, VA is here to explain common home insurance exclusions.


Floods may be the most common natural disaster in the US, but the unfortunate thing is that flood damage isn’t covered by standard home insurance. However, all is not lost because you can purchase stand-alone flood insurance from private insurers or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect your home against floods.

Earth movements

Typical home insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, sinkholes, and other earth movements. However, like flood insurance, you can get "a rider" or " endorsement" to cover such damages.

Wear and tear

Your dwelling will certainly suffer normal wear and tear as the clocks ticks. Since this risk is certain to occur, it isn’t covered by home insurance. The good thing is that you can slow or stop your home’s gradual wear and tear through proper maintenance.

Pest or mold infestation

If your home is damaged by mold or pest infestation, any claim you make is likely to be ignored by your insurer. Your insurance expects you to carry out scheduled maintenance practices to keep mold and pests away from your home, like wear and tear.

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