Is Your Business Protected for the Holidays?

Most business owners look forward to the holiday season to boost sales. A greater influx of customers, however, makes you more vulnerable to holiday theft, damaged goods and liability claims due to accidents on your business property. Commercial insurance from Stonewall Grace Insurance can protect your Buena Vista, VA business against these and other risks that can ruin your holiday season. Here’s how a commercial policy can protect your business during the holidays.

Liability Claims

Icy doorways combined with increased foot traffic could lead to slip and fall injuries on your business property. If a customer gets hurt in an accident while visiting your business, general liability insurance will pay his medical costs. If the same customer sues for damages, general liability insurance will cover your legal fees and settlement, up to the limits of your policy. Professional liability coverage protects you against claims of negligence in the services or products your business provides.


If you hire seasonal help during the holidays, there’s always the risk of employee theft. Part-time workers may not be as loyal as your fulltime workforce. This could lead to them stealing cash or products during the busy season. Commercial crime insurance can protect your Buena Vista VA business against employee theft, forgery, computer fraud and more. 

Business Equipment

The holiday season is the worst time for you to suffer theft or loss of your business equipment due to fire or another disaster. If your equipment is damaged or stolen during the holidays, commercial property insurance will cover repair or replacement costs to save you from financial loss.

These are just a few ways commercial insurance protects your business interests during the holidays. To learn more about commercial coverage options and costs, contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA.