Facts about senior health insurance plans

Senior health insurance policies are specifically tailored to meet an individual’s current and future health needs. It is therefore important to review your current health plan so that in the later years of your life, all your health needs will be taken care of without any financial burden. Taking a senior cover that best suits you is thus a beneficial aspect.

Choosing an affordable and reliable health insurance for seniors can be overwhelming; nevertheless, there are a number of factors to consider before you make an informed decision as elaborated by Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall grace insurance:

  • The cover offers private health insurance

When a person grows old, he/she becomes prone to a wider range of health problems which means you are more likely to be in need of medical treatment. Having a private health insurance saves you the cost and hustle of traveling in search of treatment.

In addition, most basic health insurance covers do not provide the option of choosing a specific specialist or the comprehensive level of unique cover you may need as a senior like spinal or cardiac procedures.

With private health cover for seniors, you are also able to skip the long waiting lists and with the option of preventative treatment, you can maintain your quality of life through making use of the available preventative therapies which are helpful to keep you in good shape for a longer period of time.

  • Coverage options

A senior health insurance policy has more value than the basic health insurance since it covers all the common health conditions that affect seniors plus extra covers depending on your specific needs for example; occupational therapy to help you cope with daily tasks.

As an affordable provider with a wide range of plans to compare, choose and buy from, Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall grace insurance guarantees a great policy for you.

Do You Need to Make Changes to Your Life Insurance in 2018?

If 2018 is going to bring in changes for you, big or small, it may be a good idea to evaluate your life insurance policy to see if it should reflect them. Obvious changes like buying a home or having a child may change your needs, but many people do not realize other situations that warrant the need to assess your life insurance policy often.  At Stonewall Grace Insurance we can help you asses which situations call for a change so your life insurance policy serves you best at all times. Serving Buena Vista, VA and the surrounding areas. 

Situations that may call for a change to your policy.

  • Improvement in health can improve your life insurance situation. Did you lose weight this year? Did you quit smoking? There are factors may be able to reduce your premiums or increase your policy. 
  • Reduction of income. Did you lose a job or take a pay cut? You may want to reduce your life insurance policy accordingly until things improve. 
  • Increase in income or assets. If your income increases you may want to also increase your life insurance policy. It may be more difficult for your family to keep up expenses at the previous amount. 
  • Marriage or an additional family member usually warrants a change in your policy. After all, more dependents typically mean a variation in your financial situation. 

Contact us at Stonewall Grace Insurance serving Buena Vista, VA and the surrounding areas for a quote on a new life insurance policy in 2018, or to review your current policy to make sure you are getting the best for your money. 

What Happens If A Lawsuit Exceeds The Amount of Your Commercial Insurance Coverage?

Business owners in Buena Vista, VA need to fully protect themselves from financial loss if an accident occurs. A liability lawsuit can be devastating to a business causing traumatic financial loss. The agents at Stonewall Grace Insurance can help business owners understand the importance of having the right type of commercial coverage for their business.

What Happens If A Lawsuit Exceeds the Limits of My Commercial Coverage?

If a person is injured and they are awarded a settlement that exceeds the amount of your current commercial policy, you may have to think about selling off assets, or even the business itself, to cover the additional cost. While the ruling may be appealed, it can spell disaster for a small business that has limited financial resources. Even if you have an ample amount of coverage, the fact is, there are times when it’s just not enough.

The Benefits Of An Umbrella Policy

If you are unsure of whether or not your coverage will be enough to cover a person’s injuries, you may want to consider adding an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy adds an additional layer of coverage to protect you from financial loss if your current commercial coverage isn’t enough.

The agents of Stonewall Grace Insurance can offer sound advice to their customers who own businesses in the Buena Vista, VA area. If you have questions about the amount of liability coverage you have for your business, contact the office today for a complete evaluation of all of your policies. They will help you determine if you are adequately covered or need to increase the amount of your policy.

What parts of my business can I insure?

There are always some risks involved in running a business, but there are ways to protect yourself and your investment. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we want to make sure that you have the coverage you need so you can move on after accidents or other losses. When you obtain Commercial Insurance, you can protect the parts of the business you have.

Your physical building is probably the most valuable part of your business, and you can obtain Property Insurance to cover damages that occur as a result of an accident, whether or even deliberate acts. General Liability Insurance can protect your business in the event of a lawsuit, such as if there is an accident on your property or if one of your products injures someone.

Professional Liability Insurance, sometimes called Errors and Omissions Insurance, protects your company when clients accuse you of negligence or injury as a result of professional services or advice. Many employers in Virginia are required to carry  Worker’s Compensation Insurance to make sure their own employees are protected if they are injured at work.

Also, if your business requires employees to drive company cars, you should have a Commercial Automobile Insurance policy. When someone is driving as an employee, the employer will often be held responsible. That could cost your company a great deal of money if you were depending on the employee’s insurance for coverage.

Don’t forget that if you have additional needs or need a higher rate of coverage, you can obtain umbrella policies to make up the difference.  If you depend on your business in Buena Vista, VA and want to make sure it’s protected, our representatives at Stonewall Grace Insurance would help you find the policy that best fills your needs.

Does Home Insurance Cover Additional Structures?

Almost everyone knows that homeowner’s need homeowners’ insurance. But how much do you know about what it covers and if it covers additional structures on the property?

Additional Structures

If you have a shed or addition to your property it is important to let your insurance agent know that you would like to carry coverage on those structures. If you do not specify, you may be left unprotected. This is especially important for additions that are connected to the main home. Regular homeowners’ insurance will protect the main structure, but you can add additional coverage, or a rider, to most policies. Ask your agent what the best method to cover those additional structures will be, ad they can help guide you and get you the coverage you need.


If you have value in the additional buildings, you may not be able to cover the contents. The ability to cover contents is based on the insurance company and the limitation of the policy. If you need additional coverage, ask your agent if there are ways to cover the contents if your insurance doesn’t already cover them. For instance, if you have lawn equipment or tools in your shed, you will probably want to have some form of coverage to replace them if necessary. Many people forget to cover their valuable belongings in additional structures, which could prove to be costly. For more information about covering additional structures on your insurance policy, call or stop by Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall Grace Insurance.

Let the experienced insurance agents at Buena Vista, VA, Stonewall Grace Insurance get you the comprehensive coverage you need so you are not left vulnerable during a covered event.



Are You Prepared for Opening Day?

Opening day is the result of a substantial amount of work. Entrepreneurs in the Buena Vista, VA area with a marketable product or service must decide how to reach their target audience. A solid business plan is often the key to a successful opening. The team at Stonewall Grace Insurance is here to help you prepare for opening day. Remember, the amount of preparation new business owners put into the initial stages of development often prepares them for the inevitable turbulence of running a new business. 

Have you chosen a location?

Make sure your real estate agent knows what your priorities are regarding needed space and adequate utilities. If you expect a significant amount of traffic to your new location, have you considered whether you have sufficient parking to cover both employees and customers? Developing a contingency parking plan for special events like grand openings or community appreciation days is wise. A location that makes customers comfortable while meeting a need can be a factor in whether some customers return. 

Did you secure the proper licenses?

Contact the appropriate government agencies to ensure you have the proper licensing in place before you open your doors for business. Make sure the building is up to code and equipped with smoke detectors, proper lighting and labeled fire exits. If there is a product involved, do you hold a patent or rights to distribute said product? It is important to understand what types of coverage is needed to protect against defective products.

Do you have an experienced insurance team on your side?

The team at Stonewall Grace Insurance can answer your questions about commercial insurance needs. From commercial liability insurance to workers’ compensation and commercial property insurance, we have your needs covered. Proper insurance protection is often the reason any business around Buena Vista, VA survives legal difficulties.


Best After Market Upgrades For Your Vehicle

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle, there is a never ending assortment of features to choose from. However, if you really want to not only improve your level of enjoyment but safety and, potentially, save on auto insurance, here are the best after market upgrades for your vehicle. After all, we at Stonewall Grace Insurance want to make sure you have the most fun and save the most money in Buena Vista, VA. 

New Tires and Wheels

When looking at any after market upgrades for your vehicle, consider both new wheels and tires. Slightly wider wheels will improve handling while driving, cut braking distances and boost precision on your vehicle. 

New Shocks, Springs and Coil-Overs

There is nothing wrong with the shocks that come with most vehicles. However, there is always a way to improve upon this. With brand new shocks, you’ll increase the amount of contact your vehicle maintains with the road both at high speeds and in bumpy conditions. This improves vehicle safety while giving you more control over the vehicle. 

Better Cold-Air Intake

All vehicles come with an engine filter. Most filters are simply flat and go above the engine block. However, an improved cold-air intake filtration system uses a much larger air filter. It usually is round and can be reused after occasional cleaning. This increases the amount of air flow to the engine, improving fuel economy while boosting performance at the same time. This kind of an upgrade is an especially valuable addition to vehicles with larger or performance engines. 

No matter what make and model vehicle you own, there is always a way to save on auto insurance while improving the functionality of the vehicle. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we want to help you save money on your Buena Vista, VA vehicle. 

Safe driving tips for Buena Vista VA

Driving in Buena VIsta, VA is a necessity which means everyone who drives will need at least some sort of an insurance policy. And while these insurance policies can get quite expensive, one of the best ways to keep it low is to not get into an accident of any kind. So in order to do that, here are some safe driving tips to help you avoid a collision on the road.


Getting there a few minutes earlier is really not worth it, when it comes to getting into an accident or getting a ticket. So don’t speed, stay at or below the speed limit to ensure safety and keep in mind that speeding is the main reasons car accidents happen in the first place.


The more you signal and indicate, the more other drivers on the road will know what you are doing and drive the chances of being in an accident with you way down. So wherever you drive in Buena Vista, VA, signal when you turn or change lanes, because it will not only be cheaper but safer.


No looking at cell phones or holding a hand to your ear. Get a headset if you have to make calls from the car, but it’s better if you just fully concentrate on driving rather than talking on the phone. Regardless of if you are actually on a call with someone, driving safely should be the main priority.


You will also want to make sure you are fully covered with the right insurance policy for your vehicle, namely from a local place like Stonewall Grace Insurance, who serves the greater Buena Vista area. This way you know it will all be paid for if you do have an accident.

How to Ready Your Home for the Next Winter Blast

Winter has officially arrived. Is your home ready?  Buena Vista, VA can experience winter storms that can be dangerous to you and your family if you are not well prepared.  At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we want all of our clients to be safe and warm this winter.  Use these tips to help ready your home for the next big winter blast.

Preparing the Exterior of Your Home for Winter

Since we often get snow in the winter in Buena Vista, VA, it is a good idea to hire a contractor to check your roof structure.  Make sure that it has the ability to sustain a heavy amount of snow or ice.  It is also important to repair any roof leaks and clear gutters of debris.  Make sure tree branches are trimmed so that they do not fall on your roof or any other nearby structures during a strong storm.  Also, have the chimney inspected, cleaned and cleared of debris or bird’s nests before using it.

Tips to Prepare the Inside of Your Home for Winter

Winterize your windows and exterior doors by replacing caulking and weather-stripping to prevent cold air from seeping inside your home. Check the insulation in the attic and replace or add to it if need be. Install carbon-monoxide detectors that are either battery operated or have a battery backup to detect any accumulation of this potentially deadly gas. Also, check your smoke alarms and replace batteries if need be. And make sure that everyone in the family knows how to use the fire extinguishers. Finally, if you know that a freeze is coming, wrap your water pipes and allow the faucets to drip. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we hope everyone has a safe and warm winter.