Are Life and Disability Insurance Right for You?

Although you can apply for both life and disability insurance at different times, many people recommend you apply for them both concurrently. One reason is that they take the same time to apply and get approved, and you can use the same medical exam. This means you don’t have to have two separate medical exams for the application process. There are pros and cons to having life and disability insurance. We will help you determine whether they are right for you.

Life insurance for Me

Life insurance is not for everyone. For example, if you do not have financial significance to the household, you might not need life insurance. If you are the sole financial provider, it might be a good idea to get life insurance to protect the finances of your loved ones.

There are two different types of life insurance: long-term and short-term. Long-term life insurance takes effect from when you get the policy until you die. You don’t have to renew your policy with a long-term insurance policy. Short-term life insurance lasts for a certain number of years before expiring.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance covers you if you develop a disability from an injury or illness affecting your workability. It protects your financials while you are alive. There are various types of disability coverage, some of which have different requirements for qualification. It is a good idea to talk to your insurance company to find out what the disability requirements are and whether it would be a good fit for you.

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There are many reasons why life and disability insurance might be a good fit, but they are not a good fit for everyone. Talk to us at Stonewall Grace insurance in Buena Vista, VA to determine if either one or both would benefit you.

Do I need commercial insurance for a business I’m running from home?

If you are running a business from home in Buena Vista, VA, you may wonder if you need commercial insurance. After all, if the company is just you operating out of your living room or garage, what kind of coverage do you need? The answer here depends on several factors. In this post, Stonewall Grace Insurance explains when home-based business insurance is necessary and why it matters. 

What Kinds of Businesses Require Commercial Insurance? 

The answer to this question can vary depending on the size and scope of your business. Suppose your home-based business involves customer interaction, such as face-to-face meetings or phone calls. In that case, you must have commercial insurance to protect yourself from potential liability issues. This is especially true for businesses that involve physical products or services, such as repair work or delivery services. 

If your home-based business does not involve customer interaction, then the need for commercial insurance may not be as great—but there are still some important considerations to keep in mind. For example, if your business involves using hazardous materials or equipment, then having commercial insurance can help protect you in case of an accident or injury on the premises. Additionally, suppose your clients require proof of insurance before working with you (which many do). In that case, having the right coverage can make all the difference in getting those clients onboard quickly and efficiently. 

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance, and we can answer any questions about commercial insurance for home businesses. With appropriate coverage in place for everything from general liability claims to product liability protection, Buena Vista, VA, residents can rest assured knowing their businesses are adequately protected against any potential risks they may incur while operating out of their homes.

Renters Need Protection Too – Get Renters Insurance

Are you a renter in the Buena Vista, VA area? Do you mistakenly believe that your landlord’s property insurance policy will cover your possessions? The insurance professionals at Stonewall Grace Insurance can provide you with the coverage you need as a renter.

It is good to remember that the landlord’s property insurance only covers losses to the building itself. Your personal property is only protected by a renter’s insurance policy that you must purchase.

Another reason why so few renters have insurance coverage is that they underestimate the value of their personal possessions. Add up the cost of your electronics alone. It wouldn’t take long to get into the thousands of dollars for some renters. Then add clothing, furniture, and kitchen supplies. It would be very costly to replace all these items. They are worth more than you think.

Liability is another good reason to have a renters’ policy. You could face a lawsuit if you have a dog and he suddenly decides to bite a neighbor, friend, or a pizza delivery person. Another good reason to have a renters’ policy is that your landlord might require it.

Renters insurance provides protection for your personal property against a long list of disasters, including:

  • Damage caused by falling aircraft
  • Damage caused by cars or other vehicles
  • An explosion
  • Falling debris or other objects
  • Lightning or fire
  • Civil commotion or riot
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Malicious mischief or vandalism
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Weight of snow, sleet, or ice
  • Hail or windstorm
  • Damage from steam or water from sources, including appliances, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, or sprinkler systems

Losses from earthquakes and floods are not covered in a standard policy. A separate rider or policy would be required. Also, hurricane wind damage may require a separate rider.

Make sure you have renters insurance for your own protection. For very little money each month, you will have the coverage you need for peace of mind. Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance today.

Three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to purchasing home insurance

Home inspections can be necessary for those attempting to purchase home insurance in Buena Vista, VA. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we can answer questions you have about home inspections when you’re on the market for home insurance.

The following are three things you should know about home inspections when it comes to home insurance. 

Some insurance providers require a home inspection before offering home insurance.

Home insurance providers want to be confident that the properties they ensure meet some basic safety standards. For this reason, insurance companies sometimes require home inspections before they will insure a home. 

Your insurance provider might notify you that an inspection is required before you are offered coverage. Fortunately, you will be notified in advance that your home will need to undergo inspection. 

Home inspections are especially likely to be required for older homes.

If you are trying to find insurance for an older home, you are more likely to need to go through an inspection. Insurance providers may require an inspection before insuring an older home because older homes are more likely to have safety issues. 

Homeowners should prepare for home insurance inspections. 

If your insurance provider notifies you that your home needs to be inspected, it’s a good idea to do your own inspection beforehand.

You can inspect home features like your basement, attic, ceilings, walls, and roof. Look out for and repair any damage before your inspection to enjoy lower home insurance premiums. 

We’re here to help you if you have questions about home insurance or wonder whether a home inspection will be required for your property.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we’re here whenever you need home insurance assistance. Homeowners in Buena Vista, VA can contact us today to learn more!

Will A Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

One of the most common infractions for any driver in Buena Vista, VA is a speeding ticket. Every year, more than 300,000 speeding tickets are issued in Virginia alone. It’s important to consider how speeding affects your auto insurance. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we’ve broken down important factors to keep in mind.

Speeding Tickets In Virginia

Keep in mind that car insurance companies view speeding as a high-risk behavior. A single speeding ticket could lead to an increase in your car insurance rates. The average speeding ticket in Virginia will result in roughly a 23 % increase in your car insurance rates.

However, the effect of a speeding ticket on your car insurance rates will vary depending on the state in which you live. For example, the average speeding ticket in Virginia is determined by how much over the limit you were going. Since speeding is considered wreckless and dangerous to other drivers, the fine only gets more significant for increased velocity. You also need to consider demerit points that could be added to your record for speeding tickets.

Avoiding Increased Insurance Rates

The best way to keep your policy affordable and avoid the risk of losing driving privileges is by obeying the law. Practice defensive driving habits such as always using your turn signal, not following other cars too closely, and staying within the speed limit. If you find yourself with a speeding ticket, discuss it with your local Buena Vista, VA car insurance agent.

At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we understand how important it is to have the right auto insurance coverage. If you have any questions about your policy or you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, we can help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

The Insurance Industry Definition of Senior Market

When you shop for health and life insurance coverage at Stonewall Grace Insurance, you might not realize that you qualify for senior market options. The insurance industry defines the senior market as applying to those 45 years of age or older. It targets senior market products at those aged 45 to 85 years old and requires no health check to acquire a life insurance policy.

Senior Means so Many Things

The insurance industry tries to make it easier for individuals in Buena Vista, VA and other locations to obtain the health and life insurance they need. One way it does this is senior market insurance sometimes misses part of its target audience because those individuals don’t yet consider themselves seniors.

Business defines a senior citizen as those who’ve entirely retired from working unless referring to a senior executive, which means an individual in a C-level or top management position. Healthcare terms it as those 65 years of age or older. Social Security Administration (SSA) once considered 65 the retirement age but now determines it to occur at 70. That’s a senior citizen to the SSA. The American Association of Retired Persons targets those aged 50 and older.

Senior Market Insurance

You probably understand that every industry defines the “senior market” differently. In the insurance industry, those aged 45 and older qualify for senior products. The industry doesn’t mean that it considers those ages of people as senior citizens. It addresses an issue of ageism in healthcare that assumes a person’s health declines beginning about the age of 45.

This assumption, tied to long-term data, makes it more challenging for individuals aged 45 and older to obtain health and life insurance. To solve this problem, the insurance industry developed the senior market, which only includes insurance products that don’t require a medical exam to obtain.

Shopping this market lets a 45-year-old who beat cancer, for example, obtain health and life insurance. Since the individual doesn’t have to undergo a medical exam, they can more easily qualify for the policy. Although their premiums cost more, Stonewall Grace Insurance does its best to offer the most affordable options to Buena Vista, VA residents.

Will the Government Cover Me if I’m Disabled?

It can be devastating if you cannot work due to injury or other conditions. The loss of income can compel you to give up things you love, and it can be hard to make ends meet. Stonewall Grace Insurance knows government assistance programs in Buena Vista, VA don’t always cover certain conditions, and even when they do, the coverage might not be enough.

Social Security: What It Covers

You can qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration if you are out of work for 12 months. The SSA considers "disability" as a physical or mental impairment that prevents you from doing any work. The SSA covers various impairments, such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and more. Head injuries, paralysis, and eyes and ears can be grounds for disability.

Is Social Security Income Enough?

Unfortunately, the answer is often no. The monthly disability payment is low, and you will need to pay for medical coverage and some expenses associated with being out of work. You may have to move in with a friend or relative or apply for other government assistance to help with the extra costs. On average, the yearly income from Social Security is less than $20,000.

Can You Rely On Employer Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance is usually limited and can’t replace your salary if you become disabled. Some employers will require you to apply for Social Security benefits first.

Benefits of Having Individual Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help pay bills while you’re disabled or use money from the policy to pay off debt. Some policies also provide a death benefit.

Bottom Line

Don’t rely on one safety net in case of disability. If you live in Buena Vista, VA, please get in touch with Stonewall Grace Insurance to learn more about disability and life insurance.

Why you need commercial insurance for your home business

Basing your business at home is becoming more popular all the time. It is less expensive when it comes to a start-up than having to rent a business location. You may assume that because your business is located in your home, your home insurance is adequate coverage. At Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA, our experienced team can advise you on all aspects of commercial insurance and where your home business will find home insurance lacking. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Your home insurance has personal property coverage. It is designed to replace your furniture and things like clothing, books, and items you use every day. Your home business is likely to use many things that are not personal property. Home insurance will not provide the coverage you need for your raw materials, inventory, and things that are strictly business items. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are using your personal vehicle for business purposes, you need to rethink that. If you have an accident while you are in the process of doing business, your personal insurance won’t cover you. That is very serious and could cost you your business and your personal wealth. You need to have your business vehicle covered with commercial auto insurance. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

Any business is vulnerable to being sued. Anyone who visits your home on business has the potential to be injured and sue you. If you are sued by someone visiting for business, your home insurance won’t cover the injury. That could cost you everything you have, and it isn’t worth the risk. 

Workers Compensation

If you have more than two employees, this is something you need to think about and are required to have. 

Contact Stonewall Grace Insurance in Buena Vista, VA to discuss your home business and commercial insurance.

How Does Renters Insurance Protect Someone?

If you are a renter in Buena Vista, VA, you should consider renters insurance to protect your finances. We know what you are thinking: the landlord has insurance. Why should I get one myself? Your landlord’s insurance covers the property but not your personal assets. For this reason, you should consider renters insurance from Stonewall Grace Insurance.

Here are the ways that renters insurance protects you:

Covers your assets

Think about the assets you own, from clothing and furniture to electronics. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to start from scratch if something happened to your assets? If you are a tenant living from paycheck to paycheck or saving up to own your home, a loss or damage to your assets can be a big blow.

However, if you have renters insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your insurer will compensate you when something happens to your assets. Renter’s insurance won’t prevent risks, but it cushions you financially when the worst occurs.

Personal liability coverage

If you are legally responsible for injury to other people, renters insurance can cover the third-party costs. Similarly, if you are accused of causing property damage to others, renters insurance can cover the costs. Since liability costs can be prohibitive, every renter should ensure they have an adequate amount of renter’s insurance.

Loss of use

Suppose a peril listed in your renter’s insurance policy makes your dwelling unlivable. In that case, renters insurance can put you in a temporary shelter (like a hotel) and pay for the additional living expenses until your dwelling becomes livable again.

Renters insurance in Buena Vista, VA

Want to invest in renters insurance? You are on the right track. All you need now is to get in touch with Stonewall Grace Insurance. We will recommend a renters insurance that suits your budget, lifestyle, and other needs.

Common Home Insurance Exclusions

Do you know that your home insurance has exclusions and limitations? If yes, do you know the specific exclusions? What isn’t covered by your home insurance is usually indicated in your policy document. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t read the fine print — they only learn about the exclusions when disasters have already happened. So, to be on the safe side, it’s essential to understand what isn’t covered by your home insurance policy to avoid heartaches during the claim process. Stonewall Grace Insurance of Buena Vista, VA is here to explain common home insurance exclusions.


Floods may be the most common natural disaster in the US, but the unfortunate thing is that flood damage isn’t covered by standard home insurance. However, all is not lost because you can purchase stand-alone flood insurance from private insurers or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect your home against floods.

Earth movements

Typical home insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, sinkholes, and other earth movements. However, like flood insurance, you can get "a rider" or " endorsement" to cover such damages.

Wear and tear

Your dwelling will certainly suffer normal wear and tear as the clocks ticks. Since this risk is certain to occur, it isn’t covered by home insurance. The good thing is that you can slow or stop your home’s gradual wear and tear through proper maintenance.

Pest or mold infestation

If your home is damaged by mold or pest infestation, any claim you make is likely to be ignored by your insurer. Your insurance expects you to carry out scheduled maintenance practices to keep mold and pests away from your home, like wear and tear.

Learn more about home insurance

If you want more insights about home insurance, don’t shy off from talking to your preferred insurance agent in Buena Vista, VA. At Stonewall Grace Insurance, we have a team of knowledgeable agents to keep you on tabs on all matters regarding home insurance.